Why should I post a job on ResortWorkers.com vs. my local

I’m having trouble posting my job. Can you help?

How do I contact the worker I like? I don’t see their contact

Employers must be registered in order to access a worker’s contact information, as it is hidden from public view.

I noticed that my company has job listings on your site, but we have not created an account or purchased a jobs package yet?

How can I claim my company page?

I noticed that the company logo I uploaded has changed slightly?  What happened?

How do I add/edit/delete my job alerts?
Go to My AccountMy Job Alerts to add/edit/delete any job alerts.

How do I add/edit/delete my bookmarks (and corresponding notes)?
Go to My AccountMy Bookmarks to add/edit/delete any bookmarks and their corresponding notes.

How do I add/edit/delete my job listing?
Go to My AccountMy Job Listings and to add/edit/delete job listings; e.g. click on the Edit link to make changes to an existing listing.

How do I delete my job listing?
Go to My AccountMy Job Listings to find the job listing you want to delete. Click on the Delete link. Please send us an email if there is a pro bono job listing for your company posted by Resort Workers that you would like deleted.

How do I embed a custom jobs widget on my site?

View directions.



Why should I post a resort worker profile?
Watch this video to find out a few reasons why.

I submitted username when I registered, but where’s my password?

I have paid for a worker package and filled out a profile, but I can’t figure out how to view/edit my new profile (aka resumé). Can you help?

I want to edit my new profile, but it says that my order is
processed? What do I do?

I have paid for a profile package, but I can’t figure out how to post another worker profile which is included in my plan. How do I post an additional profile (aka resumé)?

Why would I need to purchase more than one profile (aka resumé)?

I’ve purchased a paid worker package, but when I go to add another profile, it asks me to chooses a package. What’s going on? 

Can I hide my profile? For example, I’m not actively looking for work during off-season.
Yes! Go to My AccountMy Profiles (Resumés). Find the profile (aka resumé) you want to hide, and hide it. You can unhide it whenever you’re ready to look for work again.

How do I manage (edit/hide/delete) my worker profile?
Go to My AccountMy Profiles (Resumés) to view all of your profiles uploaded to date. You will be able to Edit, Hide and Delete your resumés from this My Dashboard page.

How do I upload or edit my worker profile photo?

What is the best size to use so my profile picture looks great?
We recommend either a square (approximately 400px x 400px) or a vertical image (approximately 400px by 600px).

I noticed that a profile picture has been added to my profile. What’s going on?
In an effort to get you hired and keep our site robust and professional, we may at times choose to upload your profile picture from Facebook or other (public) social media feeds (note: we will always put you in the best light) as a stand-in until one is uploaded by you. Profiles with pictures draw at least 3x the interaction from recruiters than profiles without them.

I noticed that my profile has been altered slightly? What’s going on?

How do I manage (edit/disable/delete) my job alerts?


Do you offer advertising, partnerships and/or sponsorship opportunities for your website?
Currently, we do not support advertising on our site. Our goal is to keep the site free from ads so the resort worker has a clean and clutter-free environment in which to search for work (this policy may change in the future). However, we do offer partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Let’s talk! Please contact us directly.


If you find an issue not included above, please email us so we can address it directly and/or add it to this FAQ page.