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Losing Staff? Team Uninspired? Time to Get Serious About Employee Engagement

Celebrate! People like praise. It’s crucial to be constantly celebrating, rewarding and recognizing the behaviors that line up
with your organization’s values and mission.

Written by Mike McMinn, MyHub — Foundr (10/3/17)

You’re one week out from your first meeting with the new investors. For the last six months, your team has been working round the clock to create a minimum viable product. Finally, you have something truly world-class ready—all that’s left is to blow these investors off their feet with your pitch.

And then two of your core team members quit, because they’re no longer passionate.

When it comes to startups, one of the biggest hindrances to growth is losing key employees at the wrong times. Sometimes this is unavoidable. More often than not, though, keeping your team together is entirely in your hands.

The Key? Employee Engagement.

In short, employee engagement describes the persistent efforts you as a leader must take to make sure your staff stay excited, inspired, and happy in their jobs. If you think you can do it by just being a friendly person or playing cool music, sorry, it takes work. Fortunately, I’m about to give you a crash course in how to do it, and the payoff is big.

If you’ve been around the business world long enough, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of employee engagement. They’re all very real—true engagement can be a secret weapon for employers, unlocking potential in your team that no dollar amount ever could.

We’ve all witnessed the difference between someone who loves their job, and someone who’s just there to pick up a paycheck. Put simply, the former is employee engagement in action. When your staff are engaged:

  • They’re committed, always going the extra mile;
  • They feel valued, and genuinely invested in the company’s success;
  • You get the best out of your team;
  • Absenteeism and lateness decrease;
  • Retention and productivity increase;
  • Health, safety, and performance all go up.

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Top Picks This Month:

“Aspen City of Wellbeing, a nonprofit organization run by local yogis and activists, has emerged from its formative stages and centered its focus on making wellness something that happens at work, on the clock, for the employees who make Aspen tick.”

“The bottom line is we need more volunteers,” Walbert said. “We haven’t really had to put out an all-call for more help, but we now need to spread the word … not only do we need more women, we need more women from different demographics.”

“However, a slow movement to attract the remote workforce, location independent creatives and businessmen with successful are now starting to bolster the town’s population during fall and spring.”

“Individuals with disabilities have equal or higher job performance rates, higher than average retention rates, and lower absenteeism,” she said. “These are just a few strengths of our job seekers that we highlight to employers during the job fair.”

“Women thrived as leaders, government officials, adventurers, authors and artists. They rode horses and repaired fences, hunted and climbed mountains, raised children, kept homes, crafted chairs from elk sheds.”

“It’s hard for women to secure a top spot in ‘back of house’ service.”

“Fifteen states have now embraced “Art and Culture Districts” as a way to recognize city initiatives to promote the economic value of art and culture and help them reinvent their community for the new economy, an economy heavily dependent on creativity and innovation.”

“Hiring is still tougher than ever,” he said. “I think it’s causing businesses to get creative, it’s certainly causing businesses to get competitive. Wages are rising pretty aggressively.”

“She said there are several things that set the institute apart from other culinary schools, namely that the programs are shorter and less expensive, the instructors are experienced chefs with impressive resumes and graduates almost always get a job.”

The newly completed $2.2 million fiber optic trunk line, which spans the width of Steamboat Springs, may already be on the verge of delivering on its promise of extending increased and more affordable broadband capacity to businesses and households in the city.”

“To believe that Ketchum is a working town full of working people is a sweet delusion driven by some rose-colored vision of the past.”

“One of the major issues for millennials, however, is that skiing and snowboarding can be cost prohibitive sports. Over 50 percent of millenial snowsport participants make less than $50,000 a year, in stark contrast to the 67 percent of Generation X participants who earn over $100,000 a year, according to NSAA data.”

“Winter Park is now home to a brand new, world-class, destination recording studio that is owned and operated by Tony Rossaci and recording engineer and musician Pj Olsson. This studio will be a draw for the best talent in America and is likely to grow into a place as the springboard for a high-quality, music based culture in Grand County.”



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