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Whether you’re a part-time worker looking to earn extra money, an independent contractor looking to promote your business or a full-time employee looking to change careers (or transition to entrepreneur), our Profiles were created with you in mind.

From FREE to paid, we offer three options for posting a worker profile. After all, resort workers know all to well that most locals need to work extra hard in order to live in the place they love. Employers can search for your profile by Category (e.g. Fitness Instructors), Industry (e.g. Retail) or Resort (e.g. Aspen), increasing your chances of getting hired or finding work.

Why would I need to purchase an upgrade that includes more than one profile?

As the old adage says — you either own three homes or work three jobs when you live in a resort town! We feel your pain. We understand that many resort workers work multiple jobs to live in a place they love…and those jobs, in many instances, may not be related.  For example, you may be an event planner by day, a bartender by night and a dog walker on the weekends.  If so, it would make sense to post at least three different profiles (all connected to your account) so that each tailored profile appears under the relevant job category or industry. You can also apply online for jobs using the corresponding profile for each different job application.

Additionally, you may be a resort worker who wants to target multiple resort towns.  For example, you may be an owner of service business (e.g. a website developer) who works remotely outside of Vail and wants to promote your business in Copper, Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Steamboat and Aspen.  In that case, you would best be served by choosing the black diamond or advanced worker profile package.

Finally, our best package is the ideal solution for local service providers who are serious about promoting their services to employers in town.   This ADVANCED profile package includes $40 per month ($240 for six months) of locally targeted Facebook advertising so your personal or your service business profile will be actively promoted while you work. We actually buy and manage your Facebook advertising campaign on your behalf. In other words, all you have to do is post your profile, and we’ll take it from there.

What are other features?

With just one click, your profile can be bookmarked by future employers to be easily accessed in time of need. Upload a different, corresponding resumé for each profile you post to customize it further. Bookmark jobs. Create job alerts. Apply with one click. Manage the application process all in your dashboard where you can edit, hide (off-season getaway?) or delete your profile(s) at any time.

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